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The (Ex) Mayor and the Knope - A Leslie/Ben Picspam

The (Ex) Mayor and the Knope - Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from
The Master Plan and Freddy Spaghetti 

Well, it had to be done. Ever since the finale I've had an itch to do something Leslie/Ben related, because they are so fabulously amazing together and need more love. A small part of me feels bad for loving them, because I loved Adam on Party Down and I shipped him so hard with Casey, but what can I say; him and Amy are also so awesome together that I just have to love them. And so, while I was writing a Leslie/Ben fic, this came to me and would not go away. It's not very good and was only done in a few hours, but I like it :)

Caps are from www.fishsticktheatre.com
Please don't be mean and steal or claim this as your own. 

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